Lie Detector Tests-The Answers You Need

How Reliable are they ?

The latest computerised polygraph techniques show a reliability rate of almost 100%.

We will prove the polygraph works for you, and that our Examiners deliver the results needed.

(For many reasons).


Pre Test Questions

If done properly these set expectations and prove to the client and examinee that the polygraph is going to work. This ensures that when the actual exam shows a positive result, the examinee can’t then say the polygraph is flawed and isn’t working properly or the examiner is wrong.

The pre test part of the interview shapes the expectations and emotional state of the examinee and should be used to convince the examinee that the polygraph will detect any deception in order to ensure the proper emotional response in a deceptive examinee.

The examinee is ‘wired up’, and the examiner performs a demonstration of the polygraph’s accuracy, commonly referred to as a stimulation or acquaintance test.

The polygraph will show different readings from when truthful answers were given.

The client can often give us questions to ask where they KNOW the subject will lie but the examinee doesn’t know the client knows.

In other words the client and examinee will be able to see the way the polygraph reacts when the examinee tells the truth and tells lies.

That is why in 2022 the UK Govt initiated mandatory polygraph testing:

“Polygraph examinations are used as an additional source of information for probation practitioners supervising individuals.

There are sanctions for failing the tests or making adverse disclosures during the tests; for example, increased reporting, the imposition of additional licence conditions or increasing the frequency of testing. In addition, the probation practitioners can change the focus of supervision in order to address the issues that relate to the failed questions.”

A 3 Year UK Government pilot was initiated in 2022 to determine effectiveness in cases of domestic violence.

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Criminal testing of course involves a much higher polygraph fail standard than civil matters.

The Test Itself

Relevant questions, irrelevant questions and comparison questions.

And these HAVE to be asked properly and in a certain sequence to determine truth from lies when it comes to the test itself.

That is why the examiner has to be both qualified, experienced and most importantly creative when dealing with a tricky examinee.

And we only use these. The better the examiner the more accurate the test.

The main cases we have experienced (over 500 tests) relate to Infidelity, Fraud/Theft or Innocence of any charges levied.

There are other areas such as sexual offence interviews, but we leave that to the police. It’s highly controversial because the nature of the crime and the accusations, can in themselves, lead to false positives or a misleading negative. This is because of what’s at stake and the psychological nature of the types of people involved (usually those of a psychopathic or mentally disturbed nature).


There is no “standard” fee as all circumstances differ. Our Fees vary and reflect the nature of the thoroughness of the test needed and how tricky the examinee is expected to be. 

This ensures the job is done properly and no corners are cut which would invalidate the reliability of the test.

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